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What Is Jackie’s Hope?

Published on March 4, 2012 by in Featured


a: desire accompanied by expectation of or belief in fulfillment <came in hopes of seeing you>; also: expectation of fulfillment or success <hope of a cure>

Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary


This very small yet powerful word defines what Jackie feels is sometimes missing in relation to Lung Cancer to empower the lives of individuals and families living through Lung Cancer…


As the years have passed as a non-smoking cancer survivor, Jackie has known there was an additional calling on her life related to lung cancer advocacy.  That has led to her creation of Jackie’s Hope as a mechanism for change.

As we begin to build out Jackie’s Hope, it is our desire to make Hope less passive and build a more active concept of Hope to reach out to others and support growing Hope nationwide.  We see Hope defined by these 4 qualities that will serve as a foundation for our actions at Jackie’s Hope.





Jackie Archer learned firsthand the impact of lung cancer as a non-smoking survivor of Stage III lung cancer.  With a survival rate remaining well below the rates of all other forms of cancer, Jackie is well aware that her survival was a miracle from God.  Over time, Jackie and her family have educated themselves even more about lung cancer and have seen many more people that they have come in contact with not fortunate enough to survive this most often deadly disease.

This perspective has led Jackie to become an advocate for lung cancer awareness, support, and research into cures.  In addition, her involvement in local government has led to an increased awareness of the role that government can play in the lives of lung cancer patients and awareness.

By combining these experiences and roles, it is our hope to deliver even more HOPE to the faces of Lung Cancer.

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